Our Commitment
Extreme Tennis private coaching has been design to develop the serious player looking to achieve the highest levels of professional tennis. A personalized experience that includes one on one on court coaching, the same intense work-out that has help us produce several top 100 players and top 10 Juniors ( 4 1/2 Hours per day on court training, stroke production, strategy, sparring partner, video analysis, drills and match play,        ( Mon to Fri ) Prior to the on court training: Fitness, this training follows the same guide lines and exercise of fitness Guru Pat Echeverry , in which I have been personally involved ( 1 Hour per day Mon-Fri ) plus fitness room, after daily session. ITF/USTA or ATP/WTA PROGRAM also includes professional tour guidance and scheduling, sparring partners sessions, mental conditioning, traveling coach, video analysis, match analysis, match play and nutrition guidance.

$1,800.00 Weekly non-boarding full day private training
$900.00 Weekly non-boarding half day private training (Half day training does not include traveling coach fee)
$2,900.00 Weekly Boarding & full day ( Housing, local transportation and 3 daily meals when player is at the academy on training )
Extra Private Lessons $120.00 p/hr.

(Full time non-boarding private coaching students fees are payable in advance per trimesters, the total fees for the period will total $20,400.oo USD )

Professional Player's Development
From The coaches that have help develop more number one players in Florida and around the world like, Nathan Rosenfeld USA #1, Chase Buchanan USA #1, Emmet Braxton USA #1, Vanja Mikovic SRB #1, Bojan Bosovic ETA #1, Val Banada USA #1, M. Ray Pallares FL #1, Giorgio Carneade Top 100, Daniel Yoo Top 300, Gabriela Paz ITF Top 10, Jonathan Boym USA #2, David Navarrete ITF Top 10, Rolando Torrellas, Roy Lederman USA #1,   Dennis Nevolo USA #2, Virginia Vigliardi ARG #1, Gerardo Diaz, Zuleta, Guejman ARG #1, Crissovan, Alex Ritschard SUI #1, Naydenova BUL #1, Joung Kim, Russell ITF Top 30, Ran Top 100,  and many more..